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Thank You – A Note From Light Korean Presbyterian Church

Get Canadian humanitarian out of North Korean prison!
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October 29, 2017

Dear Friends,

Thank you for being a voice that is contributing to the growing echo calling for the release of Reverend Lim. We are sincerely grateful for the support of the greater Canadian and international community. Every action, whether small or big, and every step that we take in standing together for the release of Reverend Lim, makes a significant impact.

Thank you for standing with us. Through your participation on, we are reminded that we are not alone in this struggle. Each signature, every thought, prayer, and note of encouragement reminds us that we have hope. We remain steadfast in what we hope for, and despite so many things that are unknown, we remain certain in what we do not see.

Above all else, we humbly ask that you continue to remember Reverend Lim in your prayers. We are grateful for your support and with you, we remain hopeful and committed until Reverend Lim’s release.

Again, thank you for your voice.

With Hope,

Light Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Canada


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